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Une couleur juste assez vibrante pour mettre du lypsyl and call it a day! J’ai utilisée dusty pink et magenta de @tinadaviesprofessional pour avoir cette teinte naturelle. Elle n’a pas refait d’injections depuis son blush à lèvres 😍 #lipblushing #pmulips
Nous mettons tellement d’amour dans notre studio. Un rêve devenu réalité. Un gros merci à tous ceux qui nous ont encouragé! @ashbanks.wav #studiotattoo
Nous sommes tous et toutes asymétriques. Le PMU est idéal pour accentuer la forme désirée. Le Blush à lèvres permet de retrouver la vivacité de la couleur des lèvres tout en créant un contour défini. L’esquisse est l’étape la plus importante. #lipblushtattoo #permanentlipcolor
Un témoignage qui fut un plaisir à lire. Merci Julie de ta confiance! #FullFace #Browslipseyes
NEW SERVICE ALERT🚨 #smokeyeyeliner freshly done with the @sviatoslavotchenash PMU device. A personal new favourite ✨
Forever #MOOD ✨
A good morning at the studio. Thank you @cherry_steele_ ♥️
Lip Blush is a great way to have an even lip pigmentation. Freshly done with cinnamon by @tinadaviesprofessional #liptransformation
I had to match the nails to the new decor @alexandras_nail_world ✨#2021trends
Am I the only one who thinks lips are the new boobs lol? Lips have become the center of every beauty campaign. It is said that the mouth is  the second most noticeable feature. #2021trends #lipblushing
Little touch of details at the new studio 😍 Pampas grass is our favourite accessory @morejohnchristian dried flowers from @prune_les_fleurs captured by @ashbanks.wav
COMBO BROWS 💉✨ always the best procedure for shape corrections. #browconnoisseur #pmubrows #combobrows #microbladingmtl
The measurements or “mapping” of the eyebrows is always the most anticipated moment. We’re all asymmetrical but a bit of symmetry doesn’t hurt 😍 #mapping #browmapping #browmakeover
Here’s a neutral pink blush from this week 😍 I always tell my clients: “brows are a must, lips are a luxury!” #lipblushmontreal
Quelle belle journée 💕 #cavabienaller
Finally back at work with more brows than ever!A common misconception with PMU is that dark skin requires darker pigments. Notice how light and sparse her natural brows are. A light ash brown is sufficient for a soft correction. These healed beautifully! Check my story for the result. #combobrows #pmumtl #mtltattoo
When aesthetics is more than just feeling “beautiful”... Do you believe nipples should be considered essential or are they purely aesthetical? #breastcancercanada #postmastectomy #mastectomytattoo
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