Scalp Micropigmentation also know as SMP is a non-surgical technique used to replicate hair follicles. Similar to nano brows, this is achieved by depositing tiny dots of pigment into the scalp with micro needles. The results can vary based on the case, either giving the appearance of a very natural close shave or density to thinning hair found in both men and women.

``SMP can last up 5 to 7 years.``

Unlike hair transplants, this procedure is less invasive, less painful, offers a quicker healing time and is substantially cheaper with less sessions required for visible results. SMP works for both men and women who suffer hair loss or balding due to common factors such as diet, health issues, scarring, burns, invasive medical treatments or medication, alopecia etc. Results will vary due to the condition of your scalp and health, however SMP can last up 5 to 7 years.

*Note: Some clients require more sessions than others for their desired results.


Provides a natural enhancement. 

Like all micropigmentation procedures whether paramedical or cosmetic, SMP gives you a soft and natural appearance, not so obvious to the eye. 

It’s safe and non-invasive.

Unlike most hair loss solutions, the results are clear and predictable without any prescriptions or extensive instructions for healing. There is little to no pain and no major side effects after the procedure as the process uses organic and vegan pigments. However it is important that you ALWAYS follow the provided aftercare to ensure the best results.


Most hair loss solutions can cost tens of thousands of dollars PER session and may require many sessions before any visible results. SMP can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $4,000 which includes a follow up session.

A great solution for everyone.

Whether male or female, short or long hair, young or old, everyone no matter the skin type or complexion can benefit from this procedure. 

Adds density to bald and thinning hair.

No matter your circumstance, all types of hair loss can be enhanced and corrected using SMP.

Not only does it help with hair loss, but provides an overall healthier appearance. 

Hair loss can sometimes make you look older or unhealthy. Receding hairlines, patchy or thinning hair can all be fixed with SMP providing you with a more youthful and healthier appearance.